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by Sister Patriot:

When you drain a swamp, the most watery of the filth goes first. It’s the thinner sludge and the liquid that exits the drain the fastest.

This is followed by the more viscous material. The thick, sticky mess that is more stubborn than liquid, but not yet solid material.

Next, you have the larger chunks of waste in the swamp. They’re pulled to the drain by the swift current, but tend to gather in a clump at the exit point.  They frantically crowd the drain, eager to escape as their cover has been blown.  It’s the first time they have seen daylight in decades.

SIDENOTE: Do you notice how the Hollywood swamp has sprung a leak and is slowly draining as well? This is collateral drainage.” I like to call it the Trump Effect. While the DC Swamp is being drained, the steady current (caused from scumbags being sucked down the duct), reaches to neighboring swamps. Swamps that help fuel the DC Swamp. Namely, the Hollywood Swamp of Democratic Donors. A septic tank always leads to a leach field. Follow the leach lines and you will find more turds.

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Once the larger waste is gone, you’re left with the giant swamp creatures. The massive hunks of excrement that cannot fit down the waterway without being taken down a few sizes first. These are the more tenacious pieces of matter. Greed, corruption, lies and lust for power have caused them to grow to enormous sizes. They take more patience to flush.

As the level of the swamp recedes, these solid masses of waste tend to stick out more, being revealed to all who are paying attention. They don’t have the liquid , the sludge or the smaller waste to conceal their identity any longer. This makes it very easy for those watching to see clearly just who are the biggest problems in the swamp. Some are a surprise and others are not, but all are being exposed. One turd at a time. It takes patience to drain a swamp, especially one as vile and corrupt as DC.  New swamp creatures are being exposed every day.  Keep going, Mr. President!  We support you 100%.  ~~ Sister Patriot

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Sister Patriot is a Christian Conservative wife & Mom who believes in speaking up for what is RIGHT. She is a permanent passenger on the #TrumpTrain
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