By Cherylynn Costner

A document Re: FISA appeared in my Facebook news feed today that is apparently being censored by Facebook and the BBC.  It appears to be a copy of an unclassified Memorandum of Record for the Department of Justice.

If I am reading this correctly, it indicates the US Department of Central Intelligence Agency has, or at least had, an office located inside of Google, Inc.  Through the in-house operation called CROWDSTRIKE, they sought to influence Google to manufacture or repeat false and or misleading news. This was to support a false narrative of Russians involvement in the leaking Hillary Clinton’s emails to Wikileaks, instead of DNC employee named Seth Rich. It’s believed this was done In spite of the fact, Rich had access to the information and was believed to be the person who downloaded the emails to blow the whistle on Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

So much coming out on internal corruption.  Every day it seems like one more link gets added to the chain of Fake News designed to help the DNC.

Use your own discretion as to the genuineness of this document.  If you have any supporting links, please paste them into the Comment section below.  Thank you.


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