By Cherylynn Costner

Lafayette, Colorado, a teacher who for 20 years had her students stand during the Pledge of Allegiance has been arrested for expecting her students not to play out the NFL’s attempt at politics in her classroom.  There was no report of actual physical harm or threat of the same, but that she had used his jacket to lift him to his feet and then asked him to stand outside for showing disrespect.  Due to the criminal charges brought by the local police, it’s unlikely she will be telling her side of the story until she becomes free to speak her mind in public again.

The police claim there is no law that requires the students to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Even if there is no code in black and white specifically on standing versus kneeling or sitting in a chair, Grandfather Clause does exist and so do Jury Instructions of Child Abuse.  The who matter should have been a civil dispute, if any, between the child’s parents and the school as it is an overreach of the law enforcement as there is also no law that says specifically that students do NOT have to stand if they do not want to.

What’s in it for teachers today?  They have to risk being shot by their students but then also have to live in fear of touching their jackets?  I do not think that adds up.  Perhaps the teacher was a target for another reason.  Maybe she voted for Trump, and they were waiting for her to give them a reason to remove her from the school.  Who was the arresting officer and who is he or she working for?  Is there a family member that hires illegals and thinks if children stand for the American flag it might in some way prejudice the other students who may face deportation if the Dreamers Act goes down in flames. Or perhaps, someone is worried Congress will fail to pass a new law to keep them here?  Does it seem like I am fishing here?

After Kate Steinle’s murderer somehow managed to NOT even get an involuntary manslaughter charge, all bets are off, and California has proven it is all a matter of fluff and politics.  Justice takes a back seat as the liberals try to rewrite history and make America a joke again.

If this is supposed to add credence to the NFL protest against the Police then why?  NFL ratings are in the gutter.  Now add the assault charge to boot.  Really? Educators need the freedom to educate, and parents should not be filling their children up with weekend politics to turn classrooms into stand up comic venues for kids that think it’s cool to disrespect our country as the big bad football player does. Or did up until the Superbowl.

Let’s respect the United States of America.  Support teachers who have the job of educating young people.  Keep police out of the classroom unless there is something other than politics as a point of contention.  There is a time and place for everything, and teachers being charged with assault for teaching as they have for the last 20 years is quite ridiculous. It’s a sad reflection of Colorado who would entertain such a concept in light of school shootings and serious problems that exist when children have no respect for their teachers or fellow students. There are far too many REAL acts of random violence in schools today, and then this gets treated as assault?

I hope there will be more to this story.  Please share your comments below.  Would you want your child attending a school where students openly disrespected America and our flag?  Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion below!



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