by Daveda Gruber:

President Trump along with his legal team are unlikely to consent to an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


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No absolute resolution has been made. Sources say that the team will indubitably reject the request to interview the commander-in-chief. This is a question that has been looming over the investigation and the White House for quite some time now.

The president and Rudy Giuliani who is the public face of his legal team, are taking a newly combative stance toward the Mueller investigation.

Giuliani said on TV, “I’m ‘no’ on a sit-down until we get ironed down exactly what they want to do.”

Giuliani said the president will ultimately decide what to do, but, “Right now, I’m telling him ‘no way.’”

On Sunday Trump blasted off tweets:

This comes ahead of the start of the first Mueller probe trial for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The charges are unrelated to alleged Russian meddling and potential collusion with Trump campaign officials in 2016.

Earlier on in the month, it surfaced that Trump’s lawyers were setting conditions for a Mueller interview. They want him to produce evidence that Trump has committed a crime before they agree for the president to be questioned.

It has been reported that Giuliani has acknowledged that Mueller is unlikely to agree to them.

The president’s lawyers would like to also like Mueller to explain how the Justice Department gave him the authority to investigate possible obstruction of justice in what was initially a probe into Russian meddling. They want him to show that the special counsel has exhausted every other investigative measure before requesting an interview with the president.

Giuliani has , in the past, voiced concern that such a special counsel interview with Trump could be a perjury “trap.”

The possibility is growing against the likelihood of a sit-down but Trump’s outside legal team is still talking to Mueller about the possibility of and terms for an interview.

I believe it is time to cut the drama. There is no collusion. Come on Democrats, you would have found it if there was any.

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