by Jeffrey M. Gresio:

I don’t think it can be stated enough, that the up coming November elections will be the most important midterm elections of our lifetime.  There is no exaggeration or hyperbolizing in that statement.


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There is so much at stake that no amount of ballyhooing or horn-blowing to bring attention to it could properly signal the significance of the coming elections.

With the exception of the Left-wing bought and paid for mockingbird media, some wacko, gullible, impressionable, mindless college types, and some amoral self aggrandizing Hollywood lowlifes and finally a host of self interested corporate gangstas, we, (the rest of us), can pretty well agree that President Trump has done a phenomenal job keeping promises, restoring America, bringing peace to the world, taking care of our vets, and instilling confidence in our great nation.

We, the average Joe American owe President Trump, a lot.  The best way we can help and show our appreciation is to go to the polls on election day and vote in more people who will help him, and us.

If the Demonic-rats are able to take back congress, they have made it clear that there will be hell to pay.  Nancy Pelosi is polishing up her best dominatrix leathers, and oiling her snappiest whip; just in case it should happen. And if that were not enough, she has ordered a new pneumatic gavel to give her wrist a break from all the pounding she plans to do.

They want their tax money back.  They want control of our medical and will re-instate Obamacare, with the tax penalty.  There will be no end of Russia-gate.  They will dismantle the N. Korea deal, lift sanctions on Iran and re-institute hostilities in Syria.  They will once again destabilize the middle east.  Succumb to Europe and immigration invasion .  They will empower criminals, and further take away your rights.  They will further crush and silence conservative voices.   They will bring down the economy and further bolster dependence on government.  All the while killing jobs, ending coal and oil production, and imposing massive regulations. And if you think they are impeding the president now, just wait.  And that’s if we loose the house.   It does not even count the devastation that will occur should we loose the Senate too.

Are you starting to grasp the importance here.  Their goal is to Make America Suck Again.  It’s the slave campaign and movement.  Yes M.A.S.A., no M.A.S.A., whatever you say M.A.S.A..

All the Left ever wanted is to be plantation owners, getting rich off the blood, sweat and tears of the people; drinking mint juleps; in Panama suites; southern belle gowns; fanning themselves on grand porches; while rocking and dabbing the sweat off their brows.  All the while promising to deliver you from your plight.

They will never be happy until they have made victims out of everyone, and divided us all.  Keeping us busy tearing at each other’s throats while they continue to rob us blind.  Ever and always separating themselves further and further from the likes of us.

They will continue to flood us with illegals and drugs.  They will allow crime to escalate unchecked.  Your children will continue to go missing, and be used in the sex trades or worse.  Your rights will erode until there are none.

Yes, I cannot express enough the importance of the up coming elections.  Do not think of them or take them lightly.  The very fabric and future of our nation rest upon them.

In this, I ask, that you not just enjoy the show but, partake and do your part.

Trust God and keep your powder dry.

Pray for our President and his administration.

God bless America and Patriots Worldwide.

#Covfefe #WWG1WGA #KAG #1776


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