by Daveda Gruber:

On Tuesday Mike Pompeo landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to discuss the missing Saudi journalist. At the same time a Saudi contribution of $100 million to U.S.-backed stabilization efforts in Syria arrived in American accounts.

Saudi Arabia originally pledged its contribution in August, and U.S. officials were expecting to receive it by the fall. It just happened that money was deposited and Pompeo arrived at the same time.

Brett McGurk is an U.S. envoy to the coalition fighting the Islamic State in Syria. He played down the significance of the timing with Pompeo’s visit.

Maybe it really was planned in August. Coincidences do happen.

McGurk said, “The specific transfer of funds has been long in the process and has nothing to do with other events of the secretary’s visit.”

Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist, went missing Oct. 2 after walking into a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. He entered to obtain documents for a marriage.

Turkish officials said Khashoggi was killed by Saudi agents. Saudi officials have denied any involvement. The Saudis have not given an explanation of what might have happened.

On Wednesday, before leaving Riyadh, Pompeo told journalists that Saudi leaders, including King Salman and his son, the 33-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, “made no exceptions on who they would hold accountable.”

Pompeo said, “They made a commitment to hold anyone connected to any wrongdoing that may be found accountable for that, whether they are a senior officer or official.”

Khashoggi was a Saudi citizen. I understand that whatever happened to him is horrific but is it the United States’ responsibility to track every move that the Saudi’s make? Are we policing the world?

I believe they need to give answers. King Salman and his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman deny any knowledge of the mysterious occurrence in Turkey.

President Trump tweeted:

Should Trump call them liars? The media would be all over Trump if he started playing hardball with the Saudis. Of course the media will be all over Trump for not condemning the King and Prince if Trump does not.

Folks, Trump can’t win on this. I hope it fades away until after the midterms. Let the Turkish government and the Saudis investigate all they want.

Khashoggi is dead. We can’t bring him back. If he was actually a threat to the Saudi government and/or the King and Prince, let it be their problem.

Some will not agree with me on this but I do have my own opinion.

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