by Eric Fahrenthold:

I’m sitting here today a little worried about the future but more, so I’m pissed off about the present. In the present my words have been thrown into the Virtual book burning that has taken place. The flames of which many will not feel for it was done without their knowledge. In other words it was done in ignorance.

Pure ignorance of the most evil sort. The founders of our country put the right to speak at the very top of the list. And if you really want to dig into it the right to bear arms must have come up in that conversation. In legal terms if we wanted to try and understand what the people were thinking at the time he wrote those words, I’d say it was with the most extreme concern and sensitivity as possible. These are actually matters of life and death in many parts of the world.

Recently a Washington post reporter was allegedly chopped up and disintegrated in acid for writing words that the ruling class disapproved. Quite honestly I want to see whoever was involve in that dead, and if the Saudis do not allow the investigation to be legitimate then I’m leaning toward a way to disassociate our country with theirs. If there is not complete satisfaction then Saudis will not stand with us. We need look no further.

This right to speak is paramount in all free nations. Tyrants try to control the people through violence. They throw acid in dissidents faces. They chop up journalist into pieces for writing the wrong words. For having the wrong perspective. The people that wrote our constitution put freedom of speech as the First Amendment for a reason. And it’s a damn good one. We have no nation without this right for we have no ability to progress and learn without fear of being raped and killed. Seems over the top but that was our nation in 1776 and it shouldn’t be hard to believe given current events that these despicable levels of social injustice did indeed exist for they still exist today.

In Saudi Arabia we have the murder of a man who only wanted to speak from the perspective of western journalists and in America we have Facebook conducting a Nazi style book burning on the internet. Yes, I’m quite sure the subject of the second amendment was in that discussion. Foreshadowing the civil war where hundreds of thousands of men gave their lives in order to obtain a better life for the future. We did all that so that a man can be treated as man regardless of their heritage. That every man has a voice and a right to use that voice to protect his family and have council with others and freely determine their future and well-being.

I am not a Russian covert spy trying to get Trump elected president and to be grouped into that category my soul has suffered deeply. From day one I raised myself up in this country, I took bad shot after misfortune and I turned it all into my favor. I’ve worked since the age of 14 and I’ve put more blood and more sweat into the things that make this country run than you will ever in you in your entire life. I served in the military and fought in a war. I raised three children through toil you will never know. The absurdity that it is you to tell me my thoughts are the ones that have to be burned. You are a toy compared to all of us who have busted our asses off providing for our families….. You know what I’ve been telling my kids all these years while I worked and did my part, and they went to school and did their part? I actually told them we do this so that everyone has a chance. We do our best everyday, and we are blessed to live in a nation that respects our effort, and we are free to express ourselves, to choose a religion, to choose no religion, or to seek out our own understanding of life’s meaning. We do that without threat of harm or censorship. I believed that but what you are doing is Void of freedom and smacks of fascism. This is a violation of law and civility. Your actions set our freedoms back 242 years. Why in the hell did we make a country in the first place……you have no right to tear it down.

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