by Daveda Gruber:

U.S. troops with Customs and Border Protection officers have been working hard. They have been securing sections of the Texas-Mexico Border.

Barbed-wire fencing has been laid down to stop the INVASION.

Protecting our border is not easy, as it is a long stretch of land. Protection includes about 1,000 feet of fencing along the Rio Grande.

The U.S. Air Force, while flying over the area, reported that the barrier was installed near the Hidalgo Texas Port of Entry. It is underneath the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge that crosses the river from Texas into Mexico.

A Border Patrol spokesperson said the fencing was being used as part of “necessary preparations” as four caravans are reported to try to cross the border into the U.S.

The Invasion has grown from four caravans. The total of people has astoundingly grown into a total of 12,000.

The INVADERS are all traveling towards the U.S. Border.

On Saturday, President Trump spoke at a campaign rally in Montana. Trump  referred to the barbed wire as “beautiful” and said that “barbed wire, used properly, can be a beautiful sight.”

Last week the Trump administration, in response to the caravans of INVADERS, ordered the deployment of thousands of active-duty troops to support Customs and Border Protection Agents in Texas, Arizona and California.

This past Wednesday the president said that the number of troops that were deployed could reach 15,000.

The Pentagon put the number at 7,000 at this time.

The President tweeted this about the Border:

We really do need a wall. INVADERS cannot be allowed to cross into the U.S. at will. If you haven’t seen this watch:



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