by Wayne Simmes

Honestly, I did not think that the democrats that control the government of almost every facet of New York State could become any more depraved than they have been, but they managed to surprise me once again.

According to the Washington Times, Governor Andrew Cuomo just signed a bill allowing a woman to abort a baby for any reason right up until what would be that child’s birth date.  Any sane person should be horrified by that thought, but apparently, the majority of voters in the State of New York find such an idea to be acceptable or they would not continue to vote in these evil people.

However, if you are one of the millions of people that believe that Andrew Cuomo is not an evil man, then why stop at aborting full-term babies.  Why not try the child out for a year or so and see if he or she is a good fit for your family.  If the child cries too much or fusses too much or interrupts your sleep more than what is acceptable, why not kill them at that point?

Or better still maybe you would like to keep the child around during the cuddly stage, maybe up to five or six years old and then if they become too much of a hassle you could do away with them then.  Oh, wait, most of the time parents can handle a small child but it is when they begin to turn into unruly teenagers that they are more than what is reasonable to deal with.  Surely if you can murder a baby that is about to be born, you should be able to slaughter that teenaged monster.

Have we really become so depraved as a country that we are willing to stand by and watch the murder of millions of nearly born babies.  When you go into the voting booth for the next general election take a picture of an aborted baby with you.  On that picture make sure you write the words, a Democrat allowed this to happen.  If you are slightly sick to your stomach at that point, mark your ballot for the Republican.  Otherwise, you are an accessory to murder.

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I am not a journalist.  In fact I am not sure that real journalists exist anymore.  I am just a common man, age 73. I began writing for my own pleasure in the mid 80's and wrote a complete novel entitled "Common Sense Solutions to Complex Problems" where I suggested that the best way to solve the National Debt might be to turn over the monopoly table and play a new game with new rules. I wrote my first published novel "The Devil, The Ghost and Will Anderson" in 2001 although at that time it was entitled "The Stranger". I presently have 30 published books, many of which are full length novels although some are under a "Pen Name". I also have a blog on word press "musingsofababyboomer"
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