Drain The Swamp

Overview of Boots on the Ground Project

  Our Drain the Swamp Initiative is set up to remove and replace RINO’s, that have been voting against our America First Agenda. For years they have been collecting millions while continuously voting against conservative values. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH Get involved today and fill out the Volunteer Form, also if you are on Facebook, go join your State Group on our State Groups page.

Oranization Structure:

1 – National Leader

2 – State Leaders

3 – District Leaders

4 – Assistant District Leaders

5 – District Volunteers

The National Leader  will maintain a smooth flow of information and organization to provide state leaders with support from National America First HQ.  

Each State Leader will report to the National leader as to the needs of their state. The directives and support system is to extend out to each district level in each state.

Each District Leader will help keep volunteers for their districts organized and efficient in responding to calls for assistance from various campaigns for congressional seats.

District Leaders and their teammates will be deployed as follows:

  • Voter registration
  • Volunteering at polls to prevent voter fraud – VERY IMPORTANT
  • Assist in absentee voter registration
  • All election related volunteer activities in this area
  • Keeping in touch with other local volunteers
  • Working closely with local GOP offices to assist in their efforts
  • Other “boots on the ground” efforts including BBQ’s and picnics: the fun stuff.

This is an effort to provide support and to supplement current efforts in our communities. We do not want ANY community to fall through the cracks, and we need everyone’s support in this effort!

We are in need of State Leaders and State District Leaders! You can check out the Leader job descriptions at the links below. If you would just like to volunteer to help, please join your State Group and let’s get busy today!

We are also in need of-

  • Volunteers in local congressional districts
  • Online volunteer support
  • Volunteer Facebook group moderators
  • Volunteer Facebook group posting team members
  • Volunteer graphic artists

If you are interested in becoming a State Leader or District Leader, to help Drain the Swamp in DC, then please fill out and submit the form below:

You can find your Congressional Voting District here by your Zip Code: http://congressional-district.insidegov.com/


If you are on Facebook, and haven’t already done so, please ask to join your State Group from our State Groups page.

Let’s all get busy and help President Trump to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ! 

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